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Personal Branding Photography Gold Coast

A picture can tell a thousand words & Personal Brand Photography tells your story better with a consistent theme and style so your audience can build trust and engage with your brand. 

It is one of the easiest ways to showcase who you are to your potential clients and highlight what makes you stand out from the crowd. Bespoke branding photography can complement your business vision, brand identity and should align with the values of your organisation. Your photography portfolio tells a story on behalf of your brand, and differentiates you from your competitors.

Investing in a personal branding photoshoot sets you up for future success. Whether it be for your business website, personal portfolio, or product launch, Shared Moments Photography is the leading choice for personal branding photography on the Gold Coast.

You will get a set of beautiful digital images that are packed with personality, strengthen your message and truly bring your brand to life!

What makes Brand Photography different?

We’ve all seen photos of people wearing a brand, but the truth is that most of those are stock images. It takes real money to get a professional photo shoot done, and most small brands simply believe that they can’t afford it.

At Shared Moments Photography, we make it easy for any small business owner to get brand photography and individual shots to enhance their marketing efforts.

Branding session photography or personal brand photography is a photographic art where the photographer and stylist collaborate to create unique photographs for brands. The photographs are used as professional marketing material for these brands and are also frequently published in magazines, newspapers, or on billboards.

Branding is part commercial photography and part fashion photography. Each brand can have a very different visual style that goes with the aesthetics of the products. The base goal of most brands is to communicate their unique brand identity and Shared Moments can make your brand and vision truly come to life.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend $10k on a photoshoot to get the results you want. I can provide you with an array of eye-catching, professional and beautiful images, with various packages available to choose from.

Brand photography can help a wide array of small business owners and creative entrepreneurs reduce their costs in marketing spend, by aligning their brand aesthetic across all marketing channels.

In today’s digital world, where everything online is saturated with information, every business needs unique photography to communicate their story effectively with their ideal clients and set them apart from the competition.

Brand photography is much more than logos, colours and fonts. Your visual identity has a lot of elements in it, including photography for instance. This will help you not only deliver your personalised look and feel to your target market, but will also align with any content marketing strategy that you currently run.

Research shows that adding a photograph to your website improves your CTR or Click-Through Rate. When someone sees an image that has been embedded within your post on Facebook or Instagram, they tend to continue scrolling down, greatly helping with visual identity & business and branding reputation.

Why Choose Personal Brand Photography?

Brand photography is the art of using high-quality professional images to tell the story of you & your business brand. It is a style of professional photography that enables you to market yourself and represent your brand accurately, whilst creating the best first impression with existing and future customers.

Having your own unique set of professional photos and unique personal branding images that are customised to your business, can make a huge and lasting impact on prospective clientele and market your brand image favourably to a much wider audience.

Allow Shared Moments to capture the true essence of your brand by creating striking and professional visual content that you can use across all your social media and online platforms.

Showcase Your Point of Difference

Shared Moments Photography will provide you with an array of authentic and professional images that showcase you and your brand and help you connect with your audience. Collaborating together, we will create a unique style for your photoshoot that showcases everything you are envisioning.

Let me showcase the strengths of your business with an array of bespoke and personalised images that highlight your brand perfectly!

A personal branding photography session is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs, small business owners, creatives or sole traders that are the face of their business and want to stand out from the crowd! It is an extremely effective form of advertising that you can use in various ways.

Book in Shared Moments Photography for your next personal branding photo shoot & let me capture you perfectly in an array of stunning & unique images that encapsulate your vision and brand!

Identify your client’s needs

Businesses want their people to see that they’re leaders within their industries. It is critical that branding photographers make digital imagery of consumers’ interests so they understand why they trust their clients. 

Identifying your brand’s look and feel can really help to increase your engagement levels with your demographic and your ideal customer base.

Planning your Branding Photoshoot

Prior to your personal branding photoshoot, we will discuss your vision, business goals, and plan out exactly what you’d like to capture in your branding photography portfolio.

As your brand photographer, I will create a private Pinterest board to ensure we incorporate your message and capture your brand perfectly and also give you a brand questionnaire to fill out prior to your shoot

We will discuss everything in your pre-shoot consultation, where I learn your point of difference, values, the ideal type of potential clients you seek, the purpose of your amazing business, and what key shots you would like as a business owner.

We will also discuss what type of location suits your specific needs and desires. Some people are happy to shoot at their house, but for some, that might not work. That is where location hire comes into play.

I can provide numerous recommendations of ideal indoor & outdoor spaces. You would be surprised how many properties could be available in your area to use.

You also have the option of your office, a coffee shop, rented studios, Air BnB’s or a luxury home. The possibilities are endless as long as we make it fit your brand aesthetic as much as possible.

I can also provide suggestions about photoshoot styling, including outfit choices, props, hair and makeup artist, as well as stylist recommendations if required.  Depending on what package you choose will depend on how many outfit choices you get in your branding sessions.

Your branding photoshoot will consist of various photography styles, based on what you are wanting. Lifestyle shots, product photography, professional headshots, and portraits, will make up your image collection and will be dependent on what you are specifically wanting.

All photographs receive clean editing and light retouching when needed as well as customising or custom cropping the photos according to a selected style.   These images can be used in many ways – on social media, for a new website, marketing emails, and online blogs.

If you are after a hassle & stress-free option, I also provide an ‘all-inclusive’ branding photoshoot package, where I take care of all the above listed services for you. You simply turn up and everything will be organised for you! 

The real product is you!

You and your brand will be at the heart of your personal branding portfolio. I would love to bring your story and ideas to life, with your vision being captured in every photograph! Contact Shared Moments Photography today to discuss the possibilities.

Personal Branding Portforlio

Your personal branding photography portfolio will inspire potential customers and let them see the real and relatable person behind the brand with just a few photos.

I have worked with so many incredible people and business owners, including numerous fitness and health professionals, creatives, & local entrepreneurs. I make all my clients feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease, all while capturing amazing photographs and achieve the images of your dreams!

Take your business to the next level with a personal branding session by Shared Moments Photography – call to book now!

Perfect for Social Media Marketing on any platform, Shared Moments Photography provides an ideal solution for your business with individualised branding content photoshoots.  Are you needing regular content for your website, Instagram feed, Facebook, Youtube, or TikTok?

Do you need innovative, unique, and professional images that are on point in regards to your brand and story? In the age of evolving technology and the importance of visual imagery, I can help you promote your business and your brand in the best way. I can tailor a branding content package to suit your specific needs.

Having regularly refreshed images on hand takes the stress out of sourcing continuous content for your social media platforms or website.

Shared Moments Photography has monthly subscription content packages to help you keep on top of your content across all platforms. As it is performed on a regular basis, I can create a consistent look and feel for your social media channels, dependent entirely on your particular needs. Call today to discuss your options!

I can provide numerous recommendations of ideal indoor & outdoor spaces. You would be surprised how many properties could be available in your area to use.

You also have the option of your office, a coffee shop, rented studios, Air BnB’s or a luxury home. The possibilities are endless as long as we make it fit your brand aesthetic as much as possible.

Personal Branding Pricing

Packages can be tailored to suit your budget needs.  Contact us now to discuss further.

Mini Branding Session

$ 450
  • 45 Minute Session
  • 10 High Res Images
  • Online Proof Gallery
  • Option to upgrade package
  • Pre Shoot Consultation

Gold Branding

$ 1500
  • Up to 2 hours of photography coverage
  • 20 High Res Images
  • Shoot Location Hire (Weekday Only)
  • Online Proof Gallery
  • Pre Shoot Consultation
  • Includes Proffesional Makeup

Premium Branding

$ 2750
  • Up to 5 hours of coverage
  • 50 High Res Images
  • Luxury Shoot Location Hire
  • Online Proof Gallery
  • Pre Shoot Consultation
  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • Basic Styling Included

Why Book With Shared Moments Photography for your Brand Photoshoot?

My name is Christina and I am a Gold Coast-based personal branding photographer and visual marketer for small business owners, corporate executives, online coaches, influencers, speakers, and entrepreneurs. 

I strive to capture bespoke on-brand images and encapsulate your brand story through your very own, personalised personal branding photoshoot.

I capture professional, crisp, and authentic photographs that capture the real you, tell your story,  communicate your own brand, and strengthen your brand style and vision perfectly!

I’m a hands-on photographer and from the moment we start shooting, I will help you feel confident, give you guidance with your poses, help with personal style & wardrobe choices and assist you in any way possible on your shoot day.

Book Your Personal Branding Photoshoot Today!

If you’re ready to book your branding photography session, either call or send me your details so I can lock in your preferred date. Afterwards, I will forward you an agreement to sign and a questionnaire to fill out. These forms will give me a huge insight into how I can best capture your unforgettable images and bring your dreams to life from behind the lens. ​

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