Cruz & Krystal's Mummy & Me Beach Photo Shoot

This mummy and me photo shoot on the gold coast was adorable.  Our 1 hour session went so quickly, he had a lot of fun running around playing in the sand.  Although I think he was more interested in playing than having his photo taken 🙂 but i truly believe that you capture the best photos when children are just playing and having fun. 

If you ever have a shoot with me you will find that I try not to get you to pose to often, that way the kids don’t get bored and they are more likely to do a quick pose in between playing.

It’s such a great time of year for photos at the beach even though it’s starting to get a little colder the colours in the sky at sunrise and sunset are always so beautiful.

If you haven’t had any photos of you and your children taken in a while I would highly recommend booking in a session (you could even bring along your own mum to jump in some photos)


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