Product Photography Gold Coast

Product Photographer Gold Coast

Shared Moments Photography is a leading, Gold Coast based professional product photographer. Specialising in all types of product photography and content creation.  Our team shoot for a range of different applications, including product catalogues, Shopping Sites, eCommerce stores, advertising campaigns, flat lay product showcases, product editorials, websites and online marketing purposes.

Shared Moments has extensive experience with photographing a diverse range of products, including apparel, skincare & cosmetics, food, stationery, packaging and many more! You can rest assured that we will capture the very best images of your product, no matter what it is. Invest in our premium product photography services to make your business stand out and provide you with a competitive and professional edge.

Get in touch with Shared Moments Photography today to discuss your specific product photography needs and discover how our creative approach to product photography can help transform your business and take your brand to the next level!

Professional Product Photography​

Whether you need product shots for your Gold Coast startup venture, eCommerce website images for your product pages or you require professional product photography for your marketing materials, we can provide exactly what you need! 

Our product photography service is available for any item or product – from small items like jewellery, clothing, shoes, skincare and makeup, to food items, tech & devices, and large items, like furniture or cars.

Whether you are an online store, traditional brick & mortar, selling on Facebook or Instagram, or you’re an Amazon seller, Shared Moments Photography can provide you with exactly what you are needing. 

Specialising in product photography for not only each online platform but also for clothing, swimwear, footwear, skincare, cosmetics & fashion labels as well as upcoming fitness, hospitality and retail brands.

Whether you are an eCommerce store, a traditional brick & mortar shop, selling on Facebook or Instagram, or you’re an Amazon seller, Shared Moments Photography can provide you with exactly what you are needing. Specialising in product photography for clothing, swimwear, footwear, skincare, cosmetics & fashion labels as well as upcoming fitness, hospitality and retail brands.

Depending on your needs, we can take one or all of your product photos against a white background, add a pop of colour & some fill light, pair your product with a range of props or we can capture an array of bespoke creative product shots to catch your customer’s eye. As a professional photographer, capturing amazing images that enhance your product’s visual appearance is our speciality! We also provide other helpful photography services, including photo editing, retouching and special effects. You can rest assured that the essence of your products will be showcased perfectly in a selection of close-up detailed product shots and bespoke lifestyle product photos!

Product Branding Photography

Product branding photoshooty is a great way to capture and showcase your individual product or product ranges to your target audiences – whether it’s on your online store or in a physical shopfront setting. Having a selection of engaging and professional product photos can ultimately set you apart and be the difference between a customer choosing to purchase from you or one of your competitors.

We provide you professional images for your marketing materials with the power to explain what your brand is really about in a matter of seconds. Through the use of effective and captivating visuals, you are able to entice prospective buyers and re-engage your existing clientele base.
Our team specialises in capturing products in an appealing and captivating visual medium to entice prospective buyers and generate sales. This can be done in a studio setting, or on location, depending on the product and the desired look you are after. 

Shared Moments Photography conducts a detailed pre-shoot consultation to discuss your existing branding, your new product photography requirements and coordinates your needs with a client-supplied brief to ensure the best possible results are achieved in your product photoshoot.

Flat Lay Product Photography

Whether you are wanting a crisp, clean and minimalistic style, bringing a strong focus to your product, or desire a more refined, editorial style to convey a connection to lifestyle, we can work together to select the most suitable style for your business and products to ensure that it is on point with your brand identity!

Flat lay product photography has really started trending since Instagram and is widely used for websites, social media accounts, Etsy & eBay stores as well as on Amazon. 

Through creative props, lighting techniques and targeted styling, we can bring your brand to life whilst showcasing your products in various flat lays and angles to make marketing your products a breeze! 

Allow Shared Moments to capture professional flat lay product images that showcase your products brilliantly, promote strong brand messaging and drive brand awareness amongst your existing customer base as well as enticing prospective clientele. 

Clothing & Apparel Product Photography

Do you want to transform your online clothing business, elevate your eCommerce fashion store, or sell more products on your Amazon listing? You have come to the right place! Shared Moments is your professional clothing and apparel  product photography experts when it comes to stunningly showcasing your product range.

eCommerce clothing companies, fashion brands and online apparel shops that exclusively sell products online, place a lot of emphasis on having high-quality images because they have to solely reflect their business. 

Having a portfolio of professional product images can help set you apart from your competitors, drive visitors to your website & ultimately boost your profits and ROI. When executed well, product photos can really help boost sales and give customers a better sense of what they are buying. Through the use of creative props, different lighting techniques, backdrops and varying compositions, styling and correct location settings . Shared Moments will highlight your product’s best features.

Whether you are wanting to showcase your product on a simple backdrop, get staged product shots with a model at a luxury shoot location or prefer your product to be depicted in real life through lifestyle clothing product photos, Shared Moments can suggest a variety of indoor and outdoor locations to make your products pop! 

Speak to us today about your photoshoot needs!

eCommerce Product Photographer

With so many brands constantly vying for the consumer’s attention with the goal of securing a sale, there’s one thing that helps sets them apart – amazing professional product photos!  

Shared Moments is your go-to eCommerce product photographer on the Gold Coast and Australia-wide. Our team excels at providing professional product photography helping you showcase your product perfectly and highlight its key features so you can entice your prospective customers and drive sales on your website.

As an experienced and leading professional product photographer, we can provide you with studio product photography, high-quality photos with natural lighting, as well as authentic lifestyle shots, that you can utilise in your marketing efforts, branding and advertising campaigns. 

Cosmetic & Skincare Product Photography

Showcase your cosmetics, beauty and skincare products, and glamorise your brand with our range of professional product photography services. At Shared Moments Photography, we provide beautiful, clean, crisp and high quality cosmetic and skincare product photography to specifically suit your business.

When it comes to beauty product photography, cosmetics photos and skincare product photography, it is imperative that the final images look impeccably flawless and distinguish you from your competitors.

We will enhance your products with our experienced and professional photography, creative props, backdrops, lighting and post-processing techniques so you are provided with a flawless end result.

Our creative specialist team will work with you to create bespoke content for your established or new cosmetics or skincare brand. Whether it’s campaign marketing materials, advertising, updating your eCommerce website, or creating show-stopping social media content, we have different product photography packages to suit any sized business.

Whether you are wanting styled product flat lays, storytelling social media content or stunning product shots for your online beauty store – make your products stand out from the crowd with amazing imagery from Shared Moments Photography!

eBay, Etsy & Amazon Product Photography

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just show off your product. When selling products on Amazon, eBay or Etsy, it’s imperative to use professional, high-quality, crisp and consistent product photos to showcase your items, provide a favourable first impression, and to drive sales. You are able to entice potential buyers and draw their attention to your product’s features and key benefits through your captivating visuals.

Don’t let your products get lost in the sea of Amazon sellers, eBay stores or the Etsy marketplace! Make them shine and stand out from the crowd, with impeccable product photography that does all the selling for you!

With Shared Moments Photography, you can choose from a variety of backdrops and props to make your products look their best. We also excel at delivering consistent product images that abide by the stringent eBay, Etsy & Amazon product photography guidelines, including sizing requirements and the use of a white background for desirable online product presentations.

Our team of experts take the time to find the perfect and most detailed angles of your product that will make your images pop! We will help you select the perfect setting and style for your product photographs, ensuring that they stand out. 

Not only will our first-class product photography help increase your product sales and ROI, but it will also give your brand a more polished, credible and professional appearance. Customers are much more likely to buy from a seller who has high-quality images on their online store.

As an experienced Gold Coast product photographer, Shared Moments has the expertise to capture stunning, first-class product images that are compliant with your listing and can be used for marketing & promotional materials and on your website.  We fully understand your online marketplace product requirements and will ensure you a provided with a selection of hero images that will outshine your competition!

Whether you have one product or a range of different products that need photographing – Shared Moments can help! We’re experts in Amazon Product Photography, Branding and Product Photoshoots – so you can be confident that your products will be showcased in the best possible way. 

Showcase your products & start selling more today with Shared Moments’ Amazon Product Photography Service, eBay Product Photography and Etsy product photos! Contact us today and find out how we can help your brand and online business thrive! 

Food Product Photography

Shared Moments Photography can provide enticing and delectable food product photography services for your business that nobody could resist! 

Whether you are needing packaged food product photography, creative food photography, product shots for your menu, cafe or restaurant, content for your social media accounts, or flat lay food photography – we can tailor a product shoot to suit your specific needs.

As part of your food styling and photography package, the Shared Moments team will supply you with an array of beautifully styled product shots of your food items that are perfect to use on your website or for your social media content.

Your food photography portfolio can also be utilised for marketing purposes, packaging, e-books, editorial and television commercials, cookbooks, recipe mobile apps and much more.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about our professional food product photography services that can help your business get ahead of the competition and appeal to your target audiences!

Why Choose Us For Your Product Photography?


You can be confident that my experience as a professional photographer means that we can assist in capturing professional, bespoke images for your business.


We can provide you with a list of recommended shoot locations to choose from if required. Or perhaps you'd like to hire a stylist? I'm here to help with all the little extras that you need!


Our aim is to make all your ideas come to life in your very own product photoshoot. Prior to your session, we'll discuss your brief in detail to ensure I capture all your desired product shots.

Types of Product Photography We Offer

Campaign Photoshoot for your business

Specialising in professional product photography and campaign shoots for established brands, startups and fashion labels, Christina and her team can provide you with the very best in creative product imagery and photography services to suit your business.

We understand the importance of having professional and striking product photography that engages your audience, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality product images with a fast turnaround time, along with amazing, personalised customer service.

Contact us today to discuss your campaign photography needs & find out how our product photography can elevate your brand, products and business to amazing new heights!

Product Photography Pricing

We can provide tailored packages to suit your business and budgeting requirements. Contact us today to discuss your product photography needs!

Please email us for a custom quote in regards to your products.  As pricing can vary depending on the style of your product.  It is always best to reach out so we can custom design a package to your specific needs.

Starter Package

1 Product - Perfect for a startup business
$ 150
per product
  • 3 High Res Images
  • 1 Scene
  • Styling and Sourcing of Props
  • Photoshoot Management
  • Additional Images - $50 Per Image

Basics Package

2 Product Photoshoot - Perfect for Catalogues & website Updates
$ 300
/ 2 Products
  • 6 High Res Images
  • 2 Scenes
  • Styling and Sourcing of Props
  • Photoshoot Management
  • Additional Images - $40 Per Image

Premium Package

Up to 4 products - Perfect for a new product range
$ 999
  • 20 High Res Images
  • Up To 4 Scenes
  • Styling and Sourcing of Props
  • Photoshoot Management
  • Sourcing of Models
  • Sourcing of Location

Book your Product Photoshoot with Shared Moments today!

Shared Moments Photography is here to help you get the best out of your products – be it for a new product launch, catalogue, advertising campaign, eCommerce store, website, or Amazon listing! 

If you’re ready to book your product photography session, either call me directly or send me your details via the enquiry form, so I can lock in your preferred date. Afterwards, I will forward you an agreement to sign and a questionnaire to fill out.

This information will give me a huge insight into how I can best capture your product images and bring your dreams to life from behind the lens.

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