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Team & Group Photoshoots Gold Coast

A team or group photoshoot is the perfect way to capture your team’s achievements, document your health and fitness journey, reaching your personal goals and achieving the physique of your dreams. Reward all of your team’s hard work and unwavering commitment with a professional group photo session by Shared Moments Photography, the Gold Coast experts in Group Photography!

Gold Coast Photographer Team and Group Photo Shoots

Group Fitness Photography

Whether you are a small or large group of friends keeping each other accountable, a personal trainer with a large group of clients competing in a group challenge or a fitness coach who is assisting clients in getting stage ready for a fitness competition. Shared Moments has the perfect package for you! Contact us today to discuss all the possibilities with your team photographic session.

Team and Group Photography is a certain skill set and we specialise in Fitness Group Photoshoots for Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer teams, as well as client weight loss challenges, or figure and bodybuilding journeys. Get a Shared Moments Photography Group Photo session to showcase your team perfectly. Show them how much they have achieved and how special their progress has been. Celebrate your group’s milestones with this unforgettable gift that will capture this moment forever! From large group photos to individual images, Shared Moments can take your group shot to the next level, with the help of a professional stylist, hair and makeup artist and other props to make your group photo ‘pop’!

We can help with location hire, theme & style ideas, posing tips, outfits, even markup and hair with packages to suit small businesses to large groups. Our Group Fitness Shoots are well known for being empowering & fun, so relax and let Shared Moments deliver an experience your team will treasure forever.

If you have a fitness business, then one of the best ways to get your brand noticed is with our fantastic group photoshoot sessions. From WBFF, ICN, IFBB, & Bodybuilding competitions, to Dance, Aerobics, Pole and Sporting Clubs & Teams – we make sure everyone is having fun and their personality shines through in every photo with their group portrait photo shoot!

A team photo session can also spark interest and get people talking about how much progress they’ve made. A Shared Moments Group Photoshoot is an ideal way to boost brand awareness and can be utilised in various marketing campaigns for future clientele.

Our group shoots are intended to give you the same professional fitness portraits but with the bonus of sharing the experience with your friends or fellow clients and your coach, who has been by your side every step of the way throughout your fitness journey. In the gym, a luxury house, beach or out on location, a fitness team or group photo shoot is all about having fun, working towards that same goal and smashing a shoot together!

I strive to provide you with a professional, yet relaxed and laid back experience, regardless of whether we are in the gym or on location. Fitness photography group shoots are tailored to meet the needs of everyone, from beginners with no experience in front of the camera to more experienced models. You are unique, so let your character and beautiful personality shine through in your own group photo shoot!

If you’re a coach or personal trainer interested in arranging your own group shoot and wanting to get that perfect group portrait for your social media accounts or website, get in touch today and let’s create something amazing together!

This fitness group photographic session is a perfect choice if you want to document your team’s transformation journeys, update your personal fitness portfolio, or you want to capture your client’s pre or post-competition physiques. The creative team at Shared Moments uses various natural and advanced lighting techniques to create bespoke images that capture your body as you’ve never seen it before.

Working with renowned fitness brands, numerous professional athletes, fitness coaches and personal trainers, Shared Moments Photography creates high-quality content that promotes businesses perfectly. Our team can help you stand out from the crowd with our amazing professional group photography sessions. You can also use the services of a professional stylist to assist you in creating that perfect look you are wanting.

A group photo shoot by Shared Moments can provide you with unforgettable images for you to use for promotions and advertising, entice prospective clientele, highlight your expertise, and document the individual results that you have achieved as a leading fitness coach. Contact the team today to find out more!

Women's Empowerment Photoshoot

When women support each other…incredible things happen! Be surprised by your own beauty and love the skin you’re in with a Women’s Empowerment Photoshoot by Shared Moments Photography. Professional Team & Group Photography is the perfect opportunity to celebrate you and your fellow team of inspirational & strong women.

Feel truly fabulous, confident, empowered and sexy with a Shared Moments Women’s Empowerment Group Photoshoot! A professional photoshoot is a fantastic way to learn & practise self-love and enhance your self-esteem.

With our highly experienced team there to guide you, we will have you looking & feeling glamourous in front of the lens & exuding amazing confidence and pride! A women’s empowerment group photo shoot is a beautiful celebration of each of you as confident, self-assured women.

Let me help you embrace, love and be proud of yourself with an intimate portrait session and group photoshoot dedicated to who YOU are as a woman and how powerful, confident and strong you feel at this moment in your life. 

Based on the Gold Coast, Shared Moment’s personalised ‘women-only’ group photoshoots are dedicated to empowering the everyday woman!No matter your age or size, I will capture your true beauty and help pose you to show you at your best!

This type of group photoshoot is all about self-acceptance, body positivity and embracing yourself. I believe it is something every woman deserves! A women’s empowerment photo session is all about unwinding, having fun, letting your hair down and celebrating you! What better way to embrace the side of yourself you rarely see or celebrate, than through a professional photo session. A woman’s empowerment shoot is just what you need to re-ignite that self-confidence & fire within!

I can help with location choices, booking a professional hair and makeup artist or hiring a personal stylist. Getting pampered for a day could be a perfect gift to yourself or from your partner or friend. Get your group of girlfriends together for an incredible fun-filled day and enjoy the glitz and glamour of a photo shoot. Find out how I can transform your women’s empowerment photo session into a truly unforgettable day! Get in touch with me today and let’s create something amazing together!

Everyone is on their own journey…. and we pride ourselves on creating a fun and personalised experience that celebrates this. We want you to feel beautiful – inside & out – and strive to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident. Prior to your phoot shoot, we offer planning guidance, specific styling advice and create a storyboard together to encompass your photo shoot vision and desires. This will help ease any nerves and stress & ensure you have the best experience possible on your shoot day.

A photoshoot is about capturing your beauty and creating an end result that you’re proud of! I am here to capture you in ways you have never seen before, creating images of your dreams that you can cherish for a lifetime.

If you want to feel empowered and uplifted, then book a photoshoot with Shared Moments Photography. Call me today to discuss all the possibilities for your next women’s empowerment shoot!

Weight Loss Challenge Photoshoot

Team up with the best fitness photographer on the Gold Coast! Shared Moments Photography can capture all the blood, sweat, tears and countless hours that have gone into your weight loss journey & transformation. You owe it to yourself to celebrate you with a team photo shoot! 

You have worked so hard to achieve your physique – now it’s time to show it off! See how far you’ve come and motivate yourself or clients even further with a weight loss group photoshoot by Shared Moments Photography.

Capture Your Client's Achievements

Shared Moments’ Team and Group Photoshoots are the best way to capture your team’s unique weight loss challenge or journey. Create a lasting memory and make sure they have something incredible to remember their experience.

Capture a moment in time where they can all reflect on their dedicated efforts, their perseverance, and their determination along the way. A group photoshoot is a spectacular gift to give client’s that truly documents all their hard work!

Corporate Team Photography

Shared Moments Photography is a leading provider of bespoke, contemporary, professional and authentic corporate branding portfolios, team photography and profiles. The main objective for a group photo shoot for your business or corporate offices is getting professional images taken that showcase your brand and message and tell a story about you, your colleagues and your business.

With that in mind, you need to make sure you get an experienced and professional photographer who knows what they’re doing. You want to be represented properly in your group shot to ensure your business stands out from the competition. But that doesn’t mean that your photos have to be stock standard, boring and everyone standing up straight like soldiers, arms at their sides. Look at some of our Corporate group photo examples above to see how we’ve done this before!

The thought behind these types of sessions are generally just to have fun with your fellow colleagues. The images that Shared Moments captures for you can be used for a variety of purposes, including for your website, social media platforms or marketing campaigns, and help increase your connections with your target audience. By using an array of consistently themed, professional and high-quality images, you can build trust and rapport with your customers whilst also projecting the ‘right’ corporate image and branding.

If you are looking for a corporate gift or personal gift idea then look no further! This is one of our most popular packages for any company or fitness business that wants to have some fun plus get amazing photos taken at the same time.

Shared Moments Photography also specialises in bespoke, professional Corporate Group Photography. These photo shoots are able to portray your company and staff perfectly, while still capturing fun, relaxed and authentic images that can be used for an array of purposes. Shared Moments ensures that you & your team will have plenty of fun during the shoot, whilst creating fantastic and professional group photos of your entire team. Plus, it’s a great bonding session for everyone to partake in!

If you want to get your business and staff to stand out from the rest, then Shared Moments Photography has the perfect group photography package for you. We create amazing professional group photos in the style that you desire. We ensure that the business photo session is catered to your specific needs, no matter what industry or sector you are in. Shared Moments ensures that you & your team will have plenty of fun, while we create an array of relaxed group images that will capture your team’s true nature!

Ensuring long term success and establishing a favourable online presence that builds trust and credibility with your target audience comes down to projecting an approachable, confident and professional business and brand image. Shared Moments Corporate Team Branding Photo Shoots will help set you apart from your competitors. Your group photo portfolio can drive future opportunities and long term success, with the appealing images be able to be used in various ways, including for promotional and sales & marketing material. A professional group photo by Shared Moments can highlight your brand and company values perfectly.

As a highly skilled, friendly, and professional photographer, I can either come to your business or meet you at a location of your choosing. You can be rest assured that not only will our team enhance the overall experience of your colleagues on the day, but we will ensure that everyone walks away from our shoot feeling confident that they were captured at their best! Shared Moments is a leading choice for your next group shoot on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane. Call today to find out more.

We will also discuss what type of location suits your specific needs and desires. Some people are happy to shoot at their house, but for some, that might not work. That is where location hire comes into play.

I can provide numerous recommendations of ideal indoor & outdoor spaces. You would be surprised how many properties could be available in your area to use.

You also have the option of your office, a coffee shop, rented studios, Air BnB’s or a luxury home. The possibilities are endless as long as we make it fit your brand aesthetic as much as possible.

I can also provide suggestions about specific photoshoot styling for your session, including outfit choices, props, hair and makeup artists, as well as professional personal stylist recommendations if required.  Depending on what package you choose will depend on how many outfit choices you get in your group photography sessions.

All photographs receive clean editing and light retouching when needed as well as customising or custom cropping the photos according to a selected style. These images can be used in many ways – on social media, for a new website, marketing emails, and online blogs.

If you are after a hassle & stress-free option, I also provide an ‘all-inclusive’ Group photoshoot package, where I take care of all the above listed services for you. You simply turn up and everything will be organised for you! 

Group Calendar Photoshoots

For many charities, it’s not about the headshots but the individual’s portraits. Plus, sometimes getting all your models together in one place can be very challenging! With our group calendar photo session, you can get everyone’s photos taken at once and create stunning group photos that will surely stand out from the crowd.

We make sure everyone has fun while we capture their unique personalities with these tailored large group photo sessions, plus you’ll get some great group shots that you can use right away for marketing or social media posts.

Having taken professional images for the 2022 Australian Defence Force Calendar, we are experienced in taking photos in a variety of locations and encompassing different looks and styles. For all your group photo shoot needs, call Shared Moments Photography today!

Group Photoshoot Ideas for Different Industries

In every industry, there are teams of people who work together and support each other to succeed. This is why we create versatile and dynamic group photo packages and team photoshoots that you can look back on with pride and confidence. Allowing you to see how far you have come in life, Shared Moments group photo sessions can provide you with an array of professional images to cherish. From fitness to corporate teams, legal offices, banks to real estate companies – you name it!

With Shared Moments group photo shoot sessions, our professional photographer will ensure everyone has lots of fun whilst also showcasing their personal flair. You will be able to post your photos immediately on social media for all your fans and customers to enjoy! They’ll be sharing them too, meaning more exposure for you and your business!

Personal Branding Pricing

Packages can be tailored to suit your budget needs.  Contact us now to discuss further.

Small Groupshoot Package ($250pp)

$ 1250
  • 1 - 5 People
  • 6 High Res Images Each
  • Online Proof Gallery
  • Option to upgrade package
  • Pre Shoot Consultation
  • 2 Hour Shoot time
  • $200 Location fee Hire Included

Medium Groupshoot Package ($230pp)

$ 2300
  • Up to 10 People
  • 8 High Res Images Each
  • Online Proof Gallery
  • Option to upgrade package
  • Pre Shoot Consultation
  • 3 - 4 Hour shoot time
  • $400 Location Hire fee Included

Large Groupshoot Package ($220pp)

$ 3300
  • Up-to 15 People
  • 8 High Res Images Each
  • Online Proof Gallery
  • Option to upgrade package
  • Pre Shoot Consultation
  • 4 - 6 Hour Shoot Time
  • $600 Location Hire fee included

Why Book With Shared Moments Photography for your Group Photoshoot?

My name is Christina and I am a Gold Coast-based professional group photographer and visual marketer for fitness coaches, personal trainers, small business owners, corporate executives, online coaches, influencers, speakers & entrepreneurs. 

I strive to capture bespoke and authentic images that capture you looking your best. Let me create the images of your dreams with your very own, personalised team or group photoshoot.

I capture stunning, professional and crisp photographs that capture the real you, tell your story, and encapsulate you and your team’s journey perfectly!

I’m a hands-on photographer and from the moment we start shooting, I will help you feel confident, give you guidance with every peron’s poses, help with personal styling & wardrobe choices and assist you in any way possible on your shoot day.

Book Your Team or Group Photoshoot Today!

If you’re ready to book your Group photography session, either call or send me your details so I can lock in your preferred date. Afterwards, I will forward you an agreement to sign and a questionnaire to fill out. These forms will give me a huge insight into how I can best capture your unforgettable images and bring your dreams to life from behind the lens.

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